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A technology start-up aimed at developing intelligent connected systems for providing affordable, accessible systems

An estimated one-third of people that have diabetes are known to develop a diabetic foot ulcer in their lifetime. Diabetic Neuropathy, a secondary pathology that arises from diabetes, requires constant monitoring and management to prevent conditions like diabetic foot ulcer. The traditional approach of management requires the patients to visit doctor routinely for a check-up and get some tests done to prevent worsening the condition. The routine check-ups and tests take a toll on the patient and result in avoiding the regular hospital visits; resulting in diabetic foot ulcer and some cases, amputation and death.

To prevent diabetic foot ulcers and monitor the progression of Neuropathy, we aim to develop active intelligent footwear & in-sole. The footwear and insole consist of embedded sensors like pressure, temperature, impedance measurement and muscle response to physical stimuli.

Our Story

The story starts with a personal experience of our founder Siddharth, when his mother got affected with Diabetic Neuropathy in 2012. The situation led to the research on Neuro-modulation and the journey continued.

Do watch the story to understand our journey!

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